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I. Introduction

  • Founded in the 1920s by Nicola Contigiani in the Marche - the cradle of Italian leather and wool crafts for centuries - until now Gianni Conti has been one of the famous brands of fashion leather bags and accessories, not only in the “boot-shaped country”, but Gianni Conti products are also available and are favored by customers in more than 60 countries around the world thanks to the design, beauty, Italian quality and the essence of tradition and craftsmanship of a well-established brand in Italy.
  • Started to approach the Vietnamese market in early 1992, Gianni Conti is the first Italian company that invested in Vietnam with 100% FDI, focusing on production for export, serving the international market and researching the Vietnamese market. By 2015, Gianni Conti is officially distributed in Vietnam and quickly made its mark, becoming one of the rare truly Italian fashion brands in the country’s market, receiving much love, supports from the customer and fashion lovers.
  • In the process of consolidating and expanding the brand rapidly, Gianni Conti always welcomes potential investors, distributors who have the knowledge and passion and financial capability to cooperate with the common goal of development, bringing the Gianni Conti brand as well as high quality products, italian standards widely come to the market of Vietnam as well as consumers.

II. Requirements for distributors

  • Having passion, strategy and desire to cooperate for long-term development.
  • Certain financial capabilities and other elements in order to open and maintain shops or store in shopping center and fashion center.
  • Seriously following the general policies related to the product or brand, which will be listed in the detailed contract.

III. Benefits / Supports

  • Becoming authorized distributors of Gianni Conti - famous brand from Italy.
  • Special discount rates, special offers directly from the brand.
  • Being fully supported of sales, marketing, communications... from Gianni Conti.
  • Special training about leather, leather industry and luxury leather goods.

IV. Contact

Ms. Amy

Sale Deparment
+84 98 262 7848

Ms. Gemma

Sale Deparment
+84 97 415 2929

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